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Updated Nov 25 2005

Janet with Things for A Year On Bikes, 1992

Since we didn't know how accomodation would pan out, we were prepared for a night out in the open somewhere along the route.  We aren't usually lightweight tourists, but this time we think we got the balance about right (well Nick would disagree here...).  Each of us had just over 23 kilos (including bikes), but the hand luggage allowance is 5 kilos with 20 kilos in the hold, so we could just about squeeze onto the scales at the airport with a straight face.

Jerry's bike (Trek T700 aluminium mtb with touring bars, 12 gears, slick tyres, Shimano XT groupset and brake lever shifters, Brooks saddle, 28x26 low gear, and Blackburn racks all round)

Janet's bike (Orbit touring bike, Reynolds 531C frameset, Campagnolo 700x28c wheels, Shimano XT groupset, touring bars, Avocet gel saddle, 28x26 low gear, slick tyres, Shimano XT groupset and Blackburn racks all round)

Carradice handlebar bag

  • Passport
  • Wallet (Maestro/Mastercard & cash)
  • Dictaphone
  • Molskine diary and biro
  • Postcards and stamps
  • 35mm Fujichrome slide film 36 200 ASA x 7
  • Small plastic tripod for camera
  • Spare cycling mitts
  • Quies foam earplugs x 3
  • Goretex overmitts
  • Buffy neckwarmer
  • Sun glasses
  • Swiss army knife
  • Kleenex travel pack of tissues
  • Roll of medium ziploc freezer bags
  • Park folding allen key set (six long ones)

Carradice handlebar bag






(contents a mystery)


Karrimor Front left pannier

  • Small nylon chopping board
  • MSR Pocket Rocket stove
  • Pot handle
  • Butane gas cannister x2
  • Large polypropylene mug
  • MSR titanium spoon
  • 2 piece steel nesting cookware with teatowel, detergent bottle, lighter and scouring pad inside
  • 2L nylon airtight Lock&Lock container for cheese, paring knife, butter and tomato stowage
  • Food for the night, rice and pasta in ziploc bags, powdered soup, jam, raisins, AXA Halfgryn (Norwegian porridge oats!)

Carradice Overlander left front pannier

Karrimor Front right pannier

  • 2L nylon airtight Lock&Lock container for spare inner tubes, spoke key, patch kit, adjustable spanner, freewheel removing tools, pliers, spare brake and gear cables,cable ties, Araldite, Katydin water filter, duct tape, chain splitter and spare pins, spare brake blocks, microcassettes, front and rear LED lights and strobe light (for tunnels), candle, first aid kit, mobile phone charger, spare keys for padlock
  • Teabags
  • Fresh food


Carradice Overlander right front pannier

Carradice Super C left rear pannier

  • Platypus 2L water bag
  • Large Ortlieb dry bag containing...
  • Minimal change of underclothes and socks
  • Merino wool long sleeve vest
  • Rohan Bikester trousers
  • North Face Modal® short-sleeved shirt
  • Towel
  • Silk sleeping bag liner
  • Sarong to sleep in/block out light
  • Much lightweight woolen clothing
  • Spare glasses

Karrimor left rear pannier

  • Large Ortlieb dry bag containing...
  • Clothes for P.
  • Sarong to block out light at night
  • Clothes for Janet (much the same as at left)

Carradice Super C right rear pannier

  • Second 2L Platypus water bag
  • Rain jacket
  • Thermarest mattress
  • Lambswool jumper
  • Gillet
  • Dachmitts
  • Wooly balaclava
  • Heavy duty padlock and Kryptoflex cable
  • Nylon tarp and 10m of cord.
  • Washkit

Karrimor right rear pannier

  • Rain jacket
  • Sitting mat
  • Fibrepile gillet
  • Lambswool jumper
  • Shapeless hat
  • Tent inner and outer

Trek Trailer bike

Small Ortlieb drybag for tent poles and Karrimat

P.'s rucsack (books and toys) on my rear rack


Saddlebag (on trailer bike) for Bluey, my Pentax SLR and zoom lenses, and more FOOD!


Large Osprey Airporter duffelbag (for other bags to travel inside when required) tied with a double clove hitch for the airport baggage handlers to grab it by...

Large Airporter duffelbag (for other bags to travel in when required), probably tied with a bow...


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