1990 Ireland Cycle Tour

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Updated April 08, 2008

These pages hold my diary entries for a two-week solo cycling tour of South West Cork and Kerry in 1990.  The seed of the idea lay in my desire to re-visit our old cottage in Gerahies, where I spent every long summer holiday between 1967 (when I was three) and 1975.

I have vivid memories of this fortnight, when I rediscovered many of my childhood haunts.  I was very lucky with both the weather (excellent for nearly the whole of the trip) and my chance meetings with people (several of whom took me in for the night when I was casting around for somewhere to camp).  Everyone was unusually generous and welcoming, and Arnold Robinson's route was just perfect for the time I had available and my own level of fitness.  I had several memorable "float days", particularly the one that saw me riding down to the sunset at Valencia Island along the winding wild roads of west Kerry, and the afternoon I spent exploring the gorgeous Blackwater Valley on the way to the Youth Hostel at the Gap of Dunlow.  

Rediscovering South West Cork and Kerry was as bittersweet as I'd known it would be; these landscapes completely dominated my daydreams when I was growing up.

Lessos, Gerahies, Eire

Evening in the Blackwater Valley

Here's an index of the pages (authorisation required to view).  

  • eire0001 - 21/4 Ride to Heathrow
  • eire0002 - 21/4 Arrival in Cork
  • eire0003 - 21/4 Shopping in Cork for food
  • eire0004 - 21/4 Riding to Kinsale, Summer Cove
  • eire0005 - 22/4 To Ballinspittle and Timoleague
  • eire0006 - 22/4 Roscarberry, Clonakilty, Glandore
  • eire0007 - 22/4 Union Hall, a night at the O'Driscolls
  • eire0008 - 22/4 Fishing for breakfast
  • eire0009 - 23/4 Ghost stories
  • eire0010 - 23/4 To Skibereen and Balleydehob
  • eire0011 - 23/4 Skull and Crookhaven; beach camp
  • eire0012 - 24/4 Barley Cove, Gerahies, Lessos
  • eire0013 - 24/4 Lessos, Eddie Griffin
  • eire0014 - 24/4 Fiona Stevenson invites me to stay
  • eire0015 - 25/4 To Bantry, Glengarrif

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