homeday ridesDippenhall

Dippenhall Ride

Updated Feb 17 2006

Cobbs Farm, Octagon Ride

Park Corner Farm, Dippenhall Ride

This is a favourite ride of around 20 miles on quiet lanes.  Dippenhall is a hamlet on the hills two or three miles outside Farnham in West Surrey.  The ride encompasses long sweeping straight roads with a downhill trend on the way to Long Sutton with half-hidden winding lanes through woods and is a dream to ride at sunset on a really chilly day in the pinkish evening light.  On my return to the car on November 20 2005, the thermometer read -3° C.

You could let your GPS guide you around with the tracklogs file, or download the PDF documents and print them as a guide instead.

homeday ridesDippenhall

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