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Updated Nov 25 2005

Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, NZ

Mike, the cheerful Kiwi who is firmly roped to the bridge, was an awfully nice chap. He asked me if I'd like some water. Since my throat was a little dry from nerves I said that that I'd like some water very much. Unfortunately, what he meant was, "Do you want the bungee cord to be lengthened just enough for you to hit the water?" - but that didn't become clear to me until after the jump ... I didn't have time to think much on the way down except "My goodness, they've forgotten to tie the other end of the rope to the bridge!" SPLASH! Note that brain damage was averted by wearing a cycling helmet for the descent, although they did make me sign a disclaimer notice and empty all the loose change out of my pockets.

Should you wish to try this out, A J Hackett are here.

And here's an irresistable opportunity to watch Janet screaming in a 43 metre dive - saved to the site for you to download (87mb) because the compression on You Tube and Google Video takes too much out of it...

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